how-to-vote CENTRE

The Senate ballot can be challenging. Here are three how-to-votes for the SENATE, depending on how you Vote 1.

For those who Vote 1 LABOR

For those who Vote 1 LIBERAL/NATIONAL

For those who Vote 1 for a minor party or independent

It is important to vote CENTRE for the Senate, not just the House of Representatives. There is an exhaustive reporting of Senate preferences, such that the CENTRE vote can be fully documented.

How-to-votes for the 151 federal electorates are in this Dropbox folder: htvCENTRE. These list the major party candidates in the House of Representatives, to be numbered 1 and 2 in the order you prefer, in addition to the SENATE how-to-vote for the corresponding state or territory. If unsure of your electorate, use the find-my-electorate. service provided by the Australian Electoral Commission.